Top Shopping Cities for Muslim Sisters

Top Shopping Cities for Muslim Sisters

Undoubtedly, the world is full of amazing places to shop. But when it comes to modest Muslim clothing and other essential shopping, sisters are mostly found confused, as they don’t know where to go. But do you know there are many great cities in the world where you can go shopping without being worried too much about the budget or the environment?

Well! If you expect those urban areas to be Dubai or Istanbul, then guess what? You are thinking in the opposite direction because what you are about to know is some of the best shopping cities for Muslim sisters in the UK, USA, and Australia. So! Hold your horses.

1.     London, UK

London is one of the best cities in the entire world that offers everything to shopping lovers. From halal clothing to halal food, everything is accessible for the sisters, so let’s begin with Oxford Street. This street is one of the famous shopping spots for everyone. It’s home to most of the famous brands, such as River Island and John Lewis.

Also, when you are here, don’t forget to visit Marks & Spencer and Debenhams. On the other hand, if you are a Nike fan, then Nike Town in London is here to serve your desires. You can shop from a variety of Nike designs and also customize your sneakers.

Now you would be probably looking for some makeup, right? No problem! Lush store in London is one of the best stores in the entire city from where you can shop for environmental-friendly bath and makeup products.

Want some luxurious brands in London? No trouble sisters! Get yourself straight to the Knightsbridge to find some of the most lavish brands. So make sure to visit Harrods and Duke of York Square because you can easily find brands like All Saints, Whistles, and Zara.

So what’s next? Umm... What about shopping antiques? Okay! The Jubilee Market is here to let you shop souvenirs made by different artists. And the good thing is that you can bargain.

And do you know the most popular thing that makes London, as one of the top shopping cities for sisters? No wonder, it’s the London Muslim Shopping Festival that happens every year in April.

2.     Melbourne, Australia

When you come to Melbourne, all you see is a natural beauty, laneways filled with amazing graffiti, exceptional café culture, and of course, wonderful places for shopping. With some beautiful landmarks, the city offers numerous spots to purchase your favorite things.

So whether you want to buy great books from Islamic stores, clothing or halal food, Melbourne has everything to entertain you with according to your preference.

There is a place called Queen Victoria Market that is famous for Australian souvenirs to all-natural honey; in fact, you can find everything you ever wanted to purchase. And if you are specifically looking for souvenirs, then don’t forget to visit the Big W.

Also, if you want to buy household décor items, totally wallet-friendly, then stop at Target. However, to shop from some of the big-guns of the fashion industry, like H&M and Zara, you can always head to the Bourke Street in Melbourne.

And if you are done with the shopping, then try the famous Flinders Street’s CBD kebabs, as they are best one of the best things to eat in Melbourne by Muslim sisters.

3.     Dallas, USA

So you prefer the USA over other countries? Well! No doubt it is one of the powerful states in the entire world with great economy and unlimited fashion. But not every US city can serve your halal shopping needs more than Dallas. So whether you want to buy western designs or trendy Islamic clothing, Dallas can offer you everything at the same time.

trendy Islamic clothing

So for the sisters who love to buy Islamic souvenirs can visit Modefa because it has some of greatest collections of Islamic calligraphy and art. And if you are looking for a hijab collection, then the Middle Eastern Boutique is the best platform to buy hijab in Dallas.

UK, USA, and Australia are the most famous western countries on the entire planet. They have a mix-culture and that what makes them Muslim-friendly destinations, especially when it comes to London, Melbourne, and Dallas. All these three are best shopping cities for Muslim sisters, where they can find halal food, clothing, and several other products for daily use.

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